Section 29A (IBC) Due Diligence Automation

Run Section 29A compliant due diligence checks on the target, its promoters, related parties and KMPs

2 weeks worth of Research and Analysis executed in 48 Hours.

Automate Sec29A (IBC) Compliant Due Diligence Checks on RA and its Related Entities through SignalX.
  • Target business overview
  • Corporate Filing Documents
  • Promoter Background Checks
  • Litigation and Reputation Checks
  • Economic Defaults by Promoter
  • Economic Defaults by Target
  • Historic Financial Analysis
  • Related Party Identification
  • UN Sanctions Checks
  • Economic Default by Related Parties
  • Adverse Media and Reputation Signals
  • Adverse Regulatory Violations
  • Insolvency Checks
  • Tax Litigations Checks
  • Existing CIRP checks
  • KMP Identification
  • Corporate Compliance Checks
  • Ultimate Beneficiary Checks

How it works

3 step process to supercharge your resolution applicant verification process.


Enter the name of the RA in your console. Our system will automatically identify possible connected/related parties from regulator and media data. This is checked against real-time data extracted from regulators.


Your analysis is made live in your console after 48 hours. You can then review and add new related parties to the analysis. The analysis is re-run and the report with the newly added related parties is available after 2 hours.


Dive into the analysis to identify and research data points and source files to arrive at your 29A eligibility decisions. Export source files to attach with your reports.

Built for Insolvency Professionals

Learn how top Insolvency Professionals are using SignalX to power their Resolution Applicant Verification process. Book a demo for a walkthrough and get a quote.

Speak to our 29A Product Specialist for a live walkthrough

Learn how we enabled 50+ Insolvency teams in conducting comprehensive 29A eligibility investigations in record time. Talk to us and let us know your requirements.



Refer to source files for all data points and red flags identified by the platform. Reduce human bias through automation.


Top-notch regulator and media data coverage.


Best in class automation capabilities help you identify and run checks on over 30 related parties and the given RA in less than 48 hours.


Some of your Questions:

Q. How do you source the data for your analysis?

SignalX sources its data from datasets managed by government bodies, regulators, courts, publicly available media and various other third-party datasets. We’re continually expanding our sources to enable us to generate new analyses such as fraud prediction, credit ratings, and compliance profiles.
On top of the collected data, SignalX runs its proprietary machine learning algorithms to reduce false positives and infer meaning. SignalX does not look into any data points that are not made publicly available by the target company or by other parties either through the media or through their regulatory filings.

Q. Can I generate reports in the format I need?

Yes! Our anlaysts will help you customize the reports so that it meets your Section 29A reporting standards. You can also use the default reporting format available in the platform.

Q. How do I verify your data?

We provide source files for you to cross-verify. We leave it to your discretion to check with your RA on system-identified red flags and collect necessary declarations. Our platform augments your due diligence process and is not meant to replace it.

Q.Can I re-run the analysis on an RA at a later date?

You can re-run reports at any later date in the Subscription package. We’re aware that sometimes an NCLT application by the CD may run for a longer period of time, requiring you to wait. The RA shortlisted may need to be re-analyzed once the CIRP process is on track. With the Subscription package, you can re-run your past RA reports at no additional cost.

Q. Can I analyse foreign promoters, subsidiaries and related entities?

With the SignalX subscription package, you can run global checks covering regulations, sanctions, adverse media, PEP and law enforcement on foreign entities and individuals.

Q.Can I provide SignalX with a list of KMP's that I need covered in the analysis?

Certainly. SignalX goes through publicly available corporate records to make a list of connected entities and KMPs. If you wish to add more individuals or entities to this list, you can speak to your account executive and get it included in your analysis.

Q. What are my billing options?

We offer both subscription and pay-as-you-go models. Book a demo with us to help us understand your requirements and get a quote.

Q. Can I export the source files of the analysis to reference in the future?

Yes! Our goal is to help you execute defendable due diligence projects. You can export all the analyses from the platform along with the source files to preserve for any future reference.

Q.If I dont use 5 RAs + 150 related parties every month, will the credits be available for the next month?

Yes! As part of your subscription package, the credits you do not use for the month will get added to your next month quota. Meaning, if you are on a quarterly plan with us, you can have a total of 15 RA reports and 450 related parties during your engagement with us. In case you execute only 2 RA checks on Month 1, you can execute 13 more RA checks over the next 2 months.

Q.Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts on our 6 month and 12 month subscription plans. Talk to our support over chat or book a meeting with us to know more.